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Why do I need a Wedding/Event Coordinator?

I know how important this day is to you and although it is a joy to plan a wedding, it can also be very stressful. I want to walk along side you and help you make your dream a reality. Whether you want me to plan your event from start to finish or simply provide “week of” services we want to make sure that you can relax and enjoy the process as I create an event that is unique and unforgettable to you.

I don’t think I can afford a Wedding/Event Coordinator but need some direction, how can you help?

Remember that a consultant is a part of your budget, not an added expense. I will work with your budget to create the wedding you always dreamed of. In many cases can actually save you money and a lot of time since I know what vendors fit into your budget and can help you find creative ways of designing your event that will cost less yet still achieve your dreams!

My venue already has a coordinator, why do I need another you?

Venues that offer coordination services may be helpful although they tend to be very limited in their scope and talent and usually put the wishes of the venue ahead of your needs.. Most of the time they do the bare minimum and do not keep track of time schedules, other vendors, and generally pay little attention to detail. I work with them to make sure that every detail is attended to and that the entire event runs smoothly and as planned. It is always our goal to make every event as perfect as it can possibly be.