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Private Parties

Perhaps you are looking for event planning services for your community, school, or private event. You might be envisioning big name talent performing in an impressive venue, for entertainment, education, or fundraising. You have a vision--but how do you turn your ideas into event planning realities?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could outline specifications for your event, and the entire evening would simply materialize as planned? When you turn your event over to me, your party or festival comes together exactly as you envisioned. I can take care of everything from entertainment talent, catering, rentals, venue and even down to the cleanup.

When I handle your event planning, you are guaranteed the smooth execution of your event. I can negotiate the best pricing and terms for you, even when securing big name talent for you. I take care of contract details, sound and video needs, and much more.

For Halloween you could have a costume party. For a birthday party you might want to have a DJ incorporate some music and have a musically themed party. Approach your party planning with an open mind and things will turn out great.

Party planning takes skill and experience. You need to analyze your guest list and come up with some form of entertainment that will appeal to all of your guests. In some party planning this can be a little more challenging if you do not personally know all of your guests. This is when it is most useful to use the knowledge and experience of an qualified event planner.